Which Book Character Should You Dress Up As For World Book Day?

What better way to celebrate World Book day than to dress up as your favourite character?

If you’re in need of costume ideas to decide who to dress up as this World Book Day, we’re here to save the day! Think of us as your knight in shining armour. Take this quiz to discover which book character suits your personality and would be the perfect costume for you to wear.

All you need to do is make note of the letter of each answer that you choose.

1. How do you like to relax?

A: Reading
B: Shopping
C: Laughing
D: Going out to eat
E: Cleaning
F: I don’t relax

2. What would make the perfect weekend?

A: An activity camp in the mountains
B: A culture filled city break
C: Going to the circus
D: A romantic beach getaway
E: Anything with friends
F: Eating lots of food

3. What’s your favourite movie genre?

A: Adventure
B: Animation
C: Horror
D: Drama
E: Romantic Comedy
F: Documentary

4. What word would your friends use to describe you?

A: Caring
B: Diva
C: Funny
D: Loud
E: Organized
F: Creative

5. What annoys you the most?

A: Dribbly dogs
B: Bad hygiene
C: Police sirens
D: Unreliable people
E: Traffic
F: People who don’t tip

Now, count up the number of times you answered each letter and find out who you should dress up as below.

Mostly A

You should dress up as Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood costume

You are a kind natured person but you don’t let anyone take advantage of that! Reflect that innocent demeanor of yours this World Book Day by dressing up as the star of everyone’s favourite fairytale.

Mostly B

You should dress up as Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil plus size costume

When it comes to fashion – you know your stuff. Nothing will get in the way of you finding the coolest new boutique or the trendiest new coat. Who needs messy family or smelly pets when clothes and jewellery make you as happy as can be? Dress up as the queen of unconventional fashion this World Book Day.

Mostly C

You should dress up as Pennywise the clown

Pennywise IT costume

You enjoy your own company and love nothing more than to hide away on a rainy day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make friends when you need to. You’re a master at persuading people to do what you want. A skill that many people would envy! Spook out those around you this World Book Day by dressing up as one of the most feared book characters of them all.

Mostly D

You should dress up as a character from The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby costume

You love to socialize and people know that a party doesn’t start until you walk in! So grab yourself a flapper costume and celebrate World Book Day as if it were 1922.

Mostly E

You should dress up as Snow White

Snow White women's costume

When it comes to organization, you are the best! You know how to manage your time, multitask, manage people and run a happy household! Dress up as the sweet Snow White this World Book Day, and maybe you’ll even find yourself seven little helpers to celebrate with.

Mostly F

You should dress up as The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter men's costume

You’re always on the go, and World Book Day will be no different. Dress up as the crazy character known for always being on a rush to get to parties with the most imaginative of tasty treats, teas and potions. Just be careful not to fall into the rabbit hole!

Now that you’ve got your costume idea, time to get started on preparing the look. Be sure to send us photos on Facebook or tag us in your photos on Instagram and use #HalloweenAlley to be featured on our page!