10 Halloween Costumes That Are Set To Rule This Season

Every year, as we get our costumes ready, we get super excited about everything Halloween that we are about to bring to our stores. But, there are some costumes which excite us to hell. Here are ten which are already so popular we are having trouble keeping them under covers.

Are you finding Dory? Here she is.

Finding Dory and Nemo Halloween Costumes for Kids

She might forget a lot of things. But this wide-eyed blue-tang is surely not forgetting Halloween Alley®! Dory and Nemo costumes are a hit amongst the kids.

Batman and Superman, the costumes dawn upon us

Batman and Superman Halloween Costumes

The dark knight and the man of steel in their latest costumes from Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice are here to celebrate Halloween!

Make way for the T-Rex

T-Rex and Godzilla Halloween costumes inflatable

He has been fooling around on YouTube and Facebook for so long. How could he miss the party. Get excited because you are going to get this inflatable costume at Halloween Alley® this year.

Star Wars come alive

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Rey Finn, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader and the storm troopers, they are all going to be battling it out at our stores this Halloween.

Horror on ALL fours, our pet costumes!

Pet Halloween Costumes

We refresh this range every year, and this year we are extra proud. Your pets are going to look eerily cute this Halloween with our pet costumes.

Hello, witches and wizards!

Witch and Wizard costumes

The witches from Macbeth, witches from Salem, the Wizard of OZ — we are going to have witch and wizard costumes stocked this Halloween in all sizes.

Avengers Assemble for Captain America!

Captain America costumes for men and boys

The popular superhero is here with his indestructible shield for Halloween 2016

Supergirl to the rescue

Supergirl Costumes, Superwoman, Batgirl

This 12-year-old girl from Krypton has landed in stores, and she has a refreshed look for all her fans this year. Superwoman and Batgirl are here too, by the way!

Super villains from the Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes

They may be bad, but they look drop-dead awesome. Get the latest costumes of the super villains from Suicide Squad for Halloween 2016.

Haiya! The Lego Warriors

Lego ninja inflatable costumes

Two of the brave ninja warriors are here to celebrate Halloween with us. Take your pick at Halloween Alley®!