Best Superman Costumes on the Web

We’re already in June, that means only 5 months until Halloween. In celebration of the new Man of Steel movie we’ve decided to round up our favourite Superman Halloween costumes on the Internet.

1. Superbaby. Powers include: filling diapers, spitting up, and… looking adorable.



2. Super Zombie. Don’t even know what to say about this except, great idea!

Zombie Superman? Of course!


3. Steampunk Superman. If Superman had been around in the 1800s. Ok, this guy may not look a lot like Superman, but it’s still a sweet costume.

Steampunk Superman. Points for creativity!


4. Super-pup. So. Cute! I mean, just look at him! Ahhhh!

Superdog.. super adorable.

Here’s a sneak preview of just SOME of the Superman and Supergirl Halloween costumes we’ll be carrying this year, for your viewing pleasure.

Classic Supergirl Halloween costume. Super powerful and super sexy!
Supergirl costume also available in plus-size.
Superman Halloween costume for 2013
Supergirls start young! Go get ’em girl.