Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!

Like any Halloween enthusiast out there (us being the biggest one though!) every year we are excited for all the Halloween festivities. We look forward to bringing unique, high quality costumes to our Halloween stores across Canada – to Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!

What this means to us, is to have fun with our friends and family to honour the diversity of our cultures and different walks of life, as well as other fun little quirks we all have (but don’t always show to others). Halloween is the one day of the year where you can be anyone you’ve ever wanted to be – a princess, a fearless warrior, a character from your favourite fable or a silly cartoon persona.

With that being said, every year we also hear someone being offended by the selection of costumes Halloween retailers bring to their stores. Like any business that strives to make a positive impact in their communities, we feel disappointed that the original intention of spending good, spooky times with your loved ones is being turned into yet another negative story in the media.

We would like to stress that while some Halloween costumes are claimed to be controversial, as a Halloween retailer, we are not in the position of judging how the costumes are being used. Our intention is that every costume celebrates a part of someone’s life and our mission is to give that opportunity to our customers.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!

Spook you later,

Halloween Alley HauntQuarters