Clarification on Statements Not Made By Halloween Alley Canada

October 28th, 2015 – Edmonton, AB – Halloween Alley HQ

It has come to our attention that a controversial statement is being posted online, regarding a comment made by a Halloween company in the USA, that coincidentally operates under the same name as us – “Halloween Alley”. We would like to clarify that Halloween Alley is a registered trademark in Canada, and we in no way are associated with the Halloween Alley in the USA (

Jeffrey, has now kindly removed the false/confusing statement from his Facebook page.

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Halloween Alley’s response to selling culture-related costumes:

It is not our intention to offend any race or creed. We would like to stress that as some Halloween costumes might come across as controversial, our intention at Halloween Alley is to celebrate life (Halloween Style!), and have fun with our friends and families during Halloween festivities. We are not in the position of judging how the costumes are being used by our customers, but our intention is that every costume celebrates a part of someone’s life (and in some cases it might be celebrating a certain culture or nationality).

We are a friends and family company, that deeply values and respects the communities we do business in.

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!