Cool Classic Halloween Costumes Inspired from Movies 

We all have a  favourite Halloween movie. Like, come on – you can’t tell us you aren’t excited for the remake, or sequel, TV- Movie or whatever it will be of Hocus Pocus! (even though we will miss the leading ladies Bette, Sarah and Kathy!) 

Halloween Alley has a great selection of scary Halloween costumes, inspired from classic Halloween movies. There are the traditional classics like, Freddy, (Nightmare on Elm Street) , Jason (Friday the 13th), and Michael (Halloween).
freddy-krueger-jason-voorhees- michael-myers-photo

Or you can outfit your Halloween crew as the satirical inversion of the 20th-century American Family! Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday Addams are just one set of our couple and family costumes this year. Make sure to visit a location near you to see the latest costumes this Halloween season! And if you didn’t know, the Addams Family is also making a resurgence with a new animated film coming in 2019.
Now we don’t want to say his name three times… for safetys sake. But, Tim Burton’s 1988 Beetlejuice movie is still a classic, even in its 30th year! You and your sweetie can dress up together as this great Boss & Bride costume. Or you can outfit your furry family members too!
Beetle-Boss-Costume Beetle-Bride-Costume

This Possessed Pumpkin mask is a fairly accurate presentation of the demon from the 1988 classic movie Pumpkinhead. This dark horror film is yet another reason why you don’t go to a witch to help you seek vengeance.  (And really when is it ever a good idea to dig up a grotesque corpse?!) It is a really wicked addition to take your costume to a scarier level!
The Scream Franchise is also a classic scary Halloween costume that could just make you… Scream?! Sorry-not-sorry for that terrible pun. Ever since its release in 1996, it has continued to be a Scary Halloween Costume staple. Make sure to keep your eyes locked on our Facebook and Instagram for great details and the most up to date announcements as our locations are opening across the country.