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Top 10 Costumes of 2019

Top 10 Costumes of 2019

January 21, 2020

What were the favourite costumes of the past Halloween season? We’re looking back on the most popular of 2019! From the key classics to current top trends, these were Halloween Alley’s hit costumes for children and adults.

Men’s Villain suit and boys’ Joker costumes from Halloween Alley.


Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix? No matter which Joker character you’re more drawn to, we’ve got your costume covered! The award-winning 2019 film made this a top costume for the guys. We’ve also got the perfect makeup to help you put on a happy face….

Ride-A-Unicorn costume and princess accessories from Halloween Alley.


What girl hasn’t aspired to one day ride a unicorn? This fun ride-on costume was a popular choice for girls. In fact, unicorns in general are hot for Halloween — from ride-ons to onesies to inflatable costumes! Pair your trusty, magnificent steed with a princess costume and accessories to complete the look.

Creepy Doll dress and accessories from Halloween Alley.

Creepy Doll

Creepy and cute. New for 2019 was the Creepy Doll costume. Despite her neglected appearance, this doll got a lot of love as one of our most popular choices for women’s costumes. It can be dressed up with great accessories, and the makeup application — comprised of cracks and running eyeliner — is fun and customizable to any skill level. Check out our Creepy Doll makeup tutorial here!

Orange Inmate costume from Halloween Alley.

Orange Inmate

Orange is still the new black. This Orange Inmate costume was the most popular choice in women’s costumes this past season. Heading to a Halloween party with the girls? This two-piece costume is especially great for dressing up as a group. Rally your cellmates and let the fun begin!

Phantom of Darkness costume from Halloween Alley.

Phantom of Darkness

When Death comes knocking at your door… answer it, because it’s probably just this guy out with his tykes looking to snag some candy. The Phantom of Darkness was the top costume for men and boys. It’s a classic that’s also comfortable — whether you’re out late at that party or gliding around the neighbourhood with your little phantoms.

Captain Obvious costume from Halloween Alley.

Captain Obvious

An obvious choice. Captain Obvious was a favourite for the men this past Halloween. The well-known spokesperson for Hotels.com is a perfect costume for the guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Just try not to annoy other partygoers too much with your self-evident statements.

Harley Quinn costumes from Halloween Alley.

Harley Quinn

She’s our fave supervillain! From Suicide Squad to the much anticipated Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn has been a staple in the DC Comics costume category. With plenty of options in store, you’ll find the perfect style for your Harley Quinn look.

Halo Master Chief costume from Halloween Alley.

Halo Master Chief

This muscled torso jumpsuit and mask will have the young gamer ready for battle. Our video game-based costumes are always a popular choice, with this Halo Master Chief costume near the top of the list for boys’ costumes.

Sally ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ costume from Halloween Alley.


It’s not surprising this Sally costume has been a big go-to for Halloween. The beloved classic 1993 film has made the humanoid ragdoll costume a popular option for women and girls. It’s stitched with plenty of creepy details from the classic character. She’s a great costume choice on her own or paired up with our Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington costume.

Peanut Butter N Jelly couple’s costume from Halloween Alley.

Peanut Butter N Jelly

For the couple that goes together like… well, you know. This silly-yet-adorable Peanut Butter N Jelly getup was our most popular couple’s costume of the season. You’ll have them hankering for a snack as everyone’s favourite sandwich!

Halloween Alley is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated, with stores opening across Canada during the Halloween season. Be sure to check out our locations page this summer to find out when and where our stores will be opening as we gear up for Halloween 2020.

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Still searching for a Halloween costume?

Look no further. As Canadas largest independently owned Halloween retailer, We have a massive selection of the most popular Halloween costumes. Are you ready to impress this year?

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