Which Province Celebrates Halloween Best?

We know you know how to celebrate Halloween but this year, we’re on the search to find out which province or city does it best. Halloween costumes, decorations and spooky events are all part of what makes a great Halloween, and if you think your province does Halloween like no other, then let us know.

“How can I let you know that my province celebrates Halloween like no other?”, we hear you ask, well, let us explain…

On Facebook we have created a photo album called Which Province Celebrates Halloween Best. There are seven photos, one for each Canadian province and Australian city with a Halloween Alley store.


British Columbia


Melbourne, Australia




On the photo of the province (or city) that you think celebrates Halloween best, like the photo and comment with why. We want to know everything! What neighbourhood activities are happening? How are people decorating their homes? What spooky events are planned that you’d love to go to? Or even what Halloween snacks are being cooked up!

Before Halloween, we will count up how many likes (or loves) each photo has received to crown the winning province (or city). We will then select one person who has commented on the winning province photo and they will WIN a mystery Halloween experience. Don’t forget to tag your friends, so they can vote and double your chances of winning a group mystery experience

So what are you waiting for, head to Facebook now to tell us which province celebrates Halloween best. We’d love to see photos of Halloween costumes and decorations too. Or have you been to one of our Halloween events in your local Halloween store? Let us know all about it! Ready to crown your province as 2017’s best Halloween province? Then get over to Facebook now!