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Your Punniest Halloween Costumes for 2020

Your Punniest Halloween Costumes for 2020

September 23, 2020

Looking to mix it up this year with a unique costume? We’ve got some inspiration for you! Here are 15 of the best Halloween costume puns you can create from Halloween Alley.

1. Zom-bee Costume

There’s killer bees, but there’s also undead ones. Combine any of our zombie costumes and accessories with a bee costume or wings and headpiece for this un-bee-lievably clever costume.

You’ll find zombie and bee costumes, as well as makeup and accessories, at Halloween Alley.

2. Tiger King Costume

A fun play on the Netflix series that captivated all of us in 2020. Pick up a tiger mask and royal crown and accessories in store. Or for the real deal, you’ll also find the new Joe Exotic costume and wig at Halloween Alley.

Halloween Alley has what you need to create your own Tiger King costume, including a Joe Exotic costume and accessories.

3. Fantasy Baseball Costume

Create a league of your own with a “Fantasy Baseball” costume. This fun outfit can be adapted to several fantasy sports and can even be used as a couple’s costume — one dressed as a fairy or unicorn and the other as the player.

Use Halloween Alley’s Rockford Peaches costume and fairy or unicorn accessories to create your own ” Fantasy Baseball” costume.

4. Pumpkin Pi Costume

A cute idea for you and your little one! Grab a child or infant/toddler Jack-o-lantern costume, then get a T-shirt for yourself and add your own pi symbol. This can also be adapted for you and your pet!

Create a “Pumpkin Pi” costume for you and your child or pet with a Jack-o-lantern costume, then get a T-shirt and add the pi symbol to it.

5. Party Animals Costume

The real wildlife of the party. This costume is a fun and easy idea for a duo or trio. We carry a variety of animal adult onesie costumes, which you can pair with party accessories like party hats, sunglasses, and beads.

Halloween Alley carries a variety of adult and teen onesies. All you need to do is jazz it up with party accessories!

6. Taco Belle Costume

Not your average Disney Princess. Combine a tasty taco costume and classic Beauty and the Beast Belle costume for this truly punny piece.

This makes a cute best friends costume, but can also be adapted to one costume. Halloween Alley carries this fun Taco Time costume and child and adult Belle costumes.

7. Insta-Gram Costume

A costume fit for the Gram! As if our girls’ Little Old Lady costume wasn’t cute enough already without this adorable pun.

This adorable girls’ Little Old Lady costume from Halloween Alley can be even pun-nier as “Insta-Gram.” Just add the Instagram sign.

8. Oh Deer! Costume

Prance in with this cute costume that’s sure to be a hit! Finish it off with beautifully detailed makeup.

These sweet deer costumes are available at Halloween Alley, as well as other deer accessories and makeup.

9. Fruit Punch Costume

A knockout couple’s costume! Easy to replicate with our men’s or women’s boxer costumes and grapes or banana costume. Go as an epic duo or combine them for one costume.

Find this unisex Grapes costume and men’s and women’s boxer costumes at Halloween Alley.

10. Jon Snow White Costume

Props to the creative genius behind this hilarious two-in-one character costume! You can simply use a Snow White princess dress and Viking robe to replicate this fantastic get-up.

Halloween Alley carries a variety of Viking and Snow White costumes and accessories that can be used to create your own “Jon Snow White” costume.

11. One Smart Cookie Costume

A nerdy mash-up for boys or girls. Recreate this punny ensemble with our adult or children’s nerd costume kits and cookie pull-over costume.

You can find a variety of nerdy and unisex cookie costumes at Halloween Alley to become “One Smart Cookie.”

12. Cat Burglar Costume

This stealthy costume is a great way for cat-lovers to mix things up a bit this Halloween. Recreate it with one of our cute cat costumes and Lawless Lady or Burglar costumes.

Halloween Alley carries a number of cat costumes and accessories, as well as prisoner and burglar costumes that can be used to make your own “Cat Burglar” costume.

13. Witch Doctor Costume

No one’s messing with you this Halloween in this witch doctor get-up. Build it yourself with a doctor costume and witch hat and accessories.

Create your own “Witch Doctor” costume with one of Halloween Alley’s many witch costumes and accessories and a doctor costume.

14. Harley Quinn Medicine Woman Costume

A great modern and throwback costume combination. And with the release of Birds of Prey earlier this year, your options for Harley Quinn costumes have expanded even more! Pair one with our West Girl women’s costume.

Make your own “Harley Quinn Medicine Woman” costume by combining one of Halloween Alley’s Harley Quinn costumes and this West Girl costume.

15. 7-Eleven Costume

If El were your typical ’80s teenager, this would be her hangout. You can find the Stranger Things‘ Eleven dress and accessories at Halloween Alley. Finish this awesome outfit with a Slurpee and your choice of 7-Eleven snacks. Don’t forget the Eggos.

Transform Halloween Alley’s Stranger Things Eleven costume into a “7-Eleven” costume with the right convenience store snacks as accessories!

All Halloween Alley stores across Canada are now open for the season! Halloween Alley is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our staff at our many store locations across Canada would be happy to help you find the perfect costumes, accessories, and decorations to make this Halloween one for the books.

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Still searching for a Halloween costume?

Look no further. As Canadas largest independently owned Halloween retailer, We have a massive selection of the most popular Halloween costumes. Are you ready to impress this year?

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