Awesome Cartoon & Anime Halloween Costumes!

Don’t hide your power level! This Halloween, show your friends how awesome your fandom is with a customized cosplay of your favourite cartoon or anime character! Whether you’re a fan of Pokemon or Power Rangers, we’ve got the props to help you look AWESOME!

Green Power Ranger

We’ve got your classic power suits, fit for any Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers fan! Are you more into Kamen Rider or Super Sentai? Customize your suit with the accessories from our DIY props section to mimic the weapon-changing abilities of the costumed superheroes!

Jack Skellington

Are you a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas? We’ve got the Jack Skellington costume for you! Whether or not you want to use makeup for your face or craft a Jack Skellington mask is up to you-we think both options are cool! Check out this cosplayer we found last April at the Vancouver FanExpo convention for some cool ideas on how to model the mask:

Jack Skellington

Are you more of an Anime fan? We recommend crafting Tokyo Ghoul and Soul Eater costumes using makeup and props from our DIY product selection. Use red contact lenses and a white wig to craft your Kaneki Ken cosplay, and use a butler costume from our men’s costume selection to mimic his Anteiku outfit.

Kaneki Ken

Not a fan of ghouls? What about a Grim Reaper? Try your hand at Death the Kid, son of Lord Death from Soul Eater! Use dual pistols from our selection of halloween accessories to model his twin meister weapons, and layer a black wig with white horizontal highlights to create the hair. If you don’t have a black blazer lying around, you could also use a Vampire or Gentleman costume from our men’s halloween costume selection as an easy alternative!

Death the Kid

There are so many anime and cartoon characters you could cosplay as for Halloween. Whether you need wigs, props, makeup or just some general advice on crafting your creation, we’ve got what you need!

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Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!