Celebrate Halloween Party Treats – Dark Alchemy of the Culinary Arts

There’s no party like a Halloween party. Fortunately, when it comes to Halloween party snacks you can celebrate year-round at birthday parties and get-togethers!

With meat platters, fizzy drinks, dips and of course candy, who isn’t a fan of Halloween party food? Everything from eerie eyeballs to spooky skeleton parts just screams creativity as much as they scream “Eat me!”

We’re not picky about what we eat – so long as it’s fun. Even if we’re just fixing up a snack, we’ll find a way to make things a little more interesting. Do you do this, too? Join us in celebrating Halloween year-round with these freaky finger foods:

Freaky Fingers

Halloween finger sausages

We weren’t kidding when we mentioned “finger foods.” Do you ever slice up your sausages into fingers before serving them to the kids? The best part about literal finger food is that they can be served in almost any form.

Like pastries:

Halloween baked fingers

Or even veggie dip!

halloween party dip

Get creative. A world of creation is within your grasp!

Daring Dips

It doesn’t take a lot of work to be a master of the dark arts. All you gotta do is dip into unknown waters. In this case, try out some daring dip ideas:


Certainly gives a whole new meaning to “picking your brain,” eh?

And speaking of dip – you want your veggies to be fresh. Why not get ‘em straight from the garden? Pumpkins are always glad to help.

Puking Halloween Pumpkin

Maybe a bit too eager.

Puking Pumpkin

We love pumpkins. Can’t you tell?

Delightful Decorations

All you have to do is add a little bit of spice to make things interesting.

Having an extra eye for attention helps a lot during days like April Fool’s, or at your workplace party.

 Monster Halloween Donuts

With effort, you’ll transform regular food into works of art that everyone will want to sink their teeth into!

Monster Donuts for Halloween

By slicing things differently, you’ll be the life of the party. Every party.


These apples are begging to be eaten.

Did you know that some places around the world celebrate today as Caramel Day? Whether you’re dipping apples or layering candy, you can count on us Halloween experts to be masters of the ooey gooey goodness. We’re hell-bent on the sweet stuff – give us liquorice, bubble gum, chocolate and sweets – we want it all, we’ll make them live!

We’re dead serious about celebrating Halloween year-round. We’re almost halfway to Halloween 2017, and the wait is real. Come hang out with us on Facebook and we’ll have fun hyping up movie releases, Halloween news, and giving out cool prizes throughout the year!

Celebrate Life. Halloween Style!