It’s Pirate Week at Halloween Alley

Ahoy there! Jump aboard as we celebrate Pirate Week in stores this Saturday, September 23rd. We’ll have pirate costumes, accessories and silly voices galore! Yaargh!

Get Ready For Pirate Costume Shenanigans!

Pirate Costumes

The first 100 customers will receive a free “Grow Your Own Pirate”.

This week’s special guest will be Mega Matey Pirate. He’ll be in-store ready to take photos with you all. Coming dressed as a pirate is very much encouraged! Don’t have a pirate costume? Now’s the perfect chance to score some pirate dreads, ya scallywags!

There will also be a chance to win a pirate outfit and a Jack Sparrow life size cutout. Now who doesn’t want a life size Jack Sparrow cutout!? Plus once you’re done with using it as a Halloween decoration, we bet Mom would love a life size Johnny Depp for Christmas!

Come celebrate Pirate Week with us in your local Halloween store this Saturday. Don’t forget to arrive early to receive your free “Grow Your Own Pirate”!

Pirate Week is the best time to rock your favourite Pirate Halloween costume, brush up on your Pirate Talk and pledge your allegiance to your crew. Yo ho ho!

Did you make it to last week’s in-store event? Get your hands on anything good? Make sure to send us photos of your Halloween shop on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

All of our Halloween stores across Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Melbourne, Australia are now open.