It’s Superhero Week – New Halloween Costumes

Halloween Alley is here to save you from a mediocre Halloween costume. Fly by our Halloween stores Saturday October 7, and who knows, perhaps you’ll leave with special powers of your own.

If you need to move buildings, part seas and defeat an evil villain in order to get to your local Halloween store and join in on Saturday’s fun, you must, and here’s why.

  • The first 100 customers in every store will receive a free superhero bracelet
  • There will be the chance to win an adult and child Be Your Own superhero kit

We are now (finally) in the month of Halloween! Hooray! But if you’ve not yet got your Halloween costume or Halloween decorations, you need to get a move on! People are snapping up the cool costumes and decorations in our Halloween stores all over the world from Kelowna, BC to Melbourne, Australia! Unless your superpower is teleportation it could be difficult to visit all of our stores in Canada and Australia but, you can find your local Halloween store using our store locator.

To get you ready for Superhero Week, we’ve rounded up a list of the biggest superhero movies of the year. Maybe these will inspire your Halloween costume.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

The much anticipated follow-up to Guardians of The Galaxy didn’t disappoint. With more hilarious one-liners, evil villains and an epic soundtrack – what wasn’t to love!

Groot Halloween Costume
Halloween costume – Baby Groot

Wonder Woman

After smashing box office records, Wonder Woman is now the fifth highest grossing superhero movie of all time in North America.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume – Wonder Woman

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ranking in with a whopping 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s safe to say this movie was one of the most-loved movies of the year.

Spider Man Halloween Costume
Halloween costume – Spider-Man

Thinking of going for a superhero Halloween costume this year? Good choice! Make your way down to you local Halloween store before it’s too late. Find where your nearest Halloween store is. We now have Halloween shops open across Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and even four Halloween stores in Melbourne, Australia. Now that is a super list of locations!