Ready for a Sweet, Sweet Halloween? Watch out, Canada!

We’ve waited 364 days for this, but it’s finally here. HALLOWEEN is TOMORROW! Watch out, Canada, because we’re going to paint the town in black and orange! Costumes, parties and scares await, so come on out and celebrate!

The Best Halloween Candy

Jack-o-lanterns, firecrackers and CANDY wait for us in just a day’s time. Whether you’re eating candy at the perfect Halloween party or stuffing your face from trick-or-treating, these delicious morsels are a must!

How old is too old to go trick or treating?

Never! We’ll stop when we’re dead (and maybe keep going!). Whether you’re a parent, child, single, dating, dead or alive, it’s always acceptable to take part in the best tradition of the year. Find a costume, pick up a bucket, and GET OUT THERE! Your sweet, sweet prizes await!

What’s The #1 Most Popular Halloween Candy?

candy corn

Believe it or not, it’s Candy Corn! Man, these are just so delicious. Candy corn has been around for ages-maybe even since the dawn of trick-or-treating! But does candy corn make YOUR list of top 3 favourite candies? Let us know on Facebook and earn a chance to win $25 in gift cards!