We Are Hiring in Australia!

Are you a Halloween lover in Australia? Join our store (g)hosts and work at our Halloween store in Melbourne!

We are looking for seasonal retail positions part time and full time – from  August 15 through November 10th. Apply today!

Australia hiring

Join Our Team

Werewolves come out during a full moon. Vampires only show their face at night. And we only open during the Halloween season! If you love Halloween and have a knack for picking out the perfect Halloween costumes for your friends, you’ll love working at Halloween Alley®!

Working at Halloween Alley is a bloody good idea, and here’s why: we’ve got the fanciest costumes around, that’ll appease any true Halloween fan. What you’ll find on our website only hits the tip of the iceberg; we’ve got so much more in our store!

Join our team, and help bring Halloween to your city down under!

Celebrate life. Halloween Style! That’s our bloody oath.